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Water Descent

Water Descent

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Water Descent is one of the most beautiful ornamental features of your pool or spa. Producing water movement in your pool, it can serve both to create a peaceful visual effect and to provide a relaxing massage, bringing elegance and style to your pool. Water descent is available in five models to enjoy different water effects and trajectories, from standard waterfall to rain sheer or arc trajectory. The range with optional RGB LED strip provides you a vibrant colorful waterfall which adds more visual interest to a soothing sound of flowing water in your landscape.


 Available in two different widths: 25 mm and 150 mm, they are suitable for different wall sizes.

 Three different lengths: 300 mm, 600 mm and 900 mm.

 5 different models available for different water effects:

PB Series: Sheet of water with standard trajectory.

PBA Series: Sheet of water with arc trajectory.

PBS Series: Sheet of water with sheer trajectory.

RA Series: Rainfall effect with arc trajectory.

RS Series: Rainfall effect with sheer trajectory.

 LED strip is powered by external 12V DC, which is safe and reliable.

 The LEDs can be operated through panel or remote control and 10 lighting patterns are available.

 Multiple water descents can share the same controller and act at the same pace.




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